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Pepper Bush Adventures are now presenting Birding Tours Tasmania – birdwatching experiences – in conjunction with our wildlife tours in north east Tasmania. We bring together our amazing Quoll Patrol wildlife tour and specialised birding tours in 2, 3 and 4 day nature packages. A standalone one day tour dedicated to seeking out the local birdlife is also on offer. Eleven of the twelve Tasmanian endemic birds are known inhabitants of northeast Tasmania.

You will enjoy visiting some of the beautiful flora and fauna rich landscapes with Pepper Bush Adventures’ birding and wildlife guides. Travel the northeast Tasmanian backroads where superb wildlife and birdwatching experiences are waiting for you. Bushie and Ben are keen to share their knowledge and help you get the most from your visit to northeast Tasmania.

Bird Species and Their Habitats

northern tasmania birding tours - green rosella parrotTucked away in the far northeast Coast of Tasmania is Mt William National Park. Mt William is an unspoiled nirvana of seemingly endless stretches of pristine white beaches with a backdrop of beautiful turquoise ocean. Above all, this windswept coastline with rocky outcrops is the home to over 100 bird species. For instance, see honeyeaters, wrens, robins, finches, pardalotes, parrots, yellow wattlebirds and the noble looking yellow-tailed black cockatoos which are all regularly sighted in the park.

The regions mild climate encourages over-wintering by some migratory birds, so winter has some offerings. The coastline of northeast Tasmania at Mt William National Park and Bridport boasts migratory birds like swamp harriers and short-tailed shearwaters. In addition, pelicans, terns and oyster catchers can be found around the beaches. The skyline can reveal sightings of wedge-tail eagles, white bellied sea eagles, gannets, and albatrosses.

Northeast Tasmania’s coastal heathlands, rich pastures, diverse forests, coastal and inland waterways are home to many Australian bird species. The lush local grasslands and inland waterholes provide habitat for egrets, lapwings, pipits, raptors, geese and black swans. In addition, grebes, most species of duck and the Tasmanian native hen are also in the region.

The varied forest habitats of central northeast Tasmania on the outskirts of Scottsdale support a diverse range of bird species and is popular territory for little brown jobs. Our many land bird species are associated with woodland areas and guides, Bushie and Ben welcome the opportunity to seek them out for the keen birder to see.

Birding Tours Tasmania (north east Tassie) with Pepper Bush Adventures

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