Tasmanian Wilderness Tours & Wildlife Tours – discover Tasmania’s wilderness and wildlife on a tour from the Bushie’s Wildlife Collection. All tours feature the remarkable Quoll Patrol experience which is internationally reviewed as one of Australia’s best wildlife experiences

Short-break exclusive and private charter tours that depart on demand – we combine spectacular wildlife viewing and some of Australia’s most stunning and diverse landscapes and superb campfire dining in north east Tasmania with the very best of country hospitality at Beulah Heritage Accommodation.


Spectacular Tasmanian wildlife viewing experience with campfire dining. See forester kangaroos, brush-tail possums, eastern quolls and Tasmanian pademelons while wombats and Bennett's wallaby graze close by.


Exceptional Australian wildlife viewing tour with the ambience of campfire dining. Visit spectacular Tasmanian landscapes, majestic alpine mountain peaks to remote pristine beaches.


Amazing Australian wildlife and nocturnal wildlife experiences. Meet the Tasmanian devil, the unique platypus and echidna and the guides that look after them.


Tasmanian wildlife - tour Tasmanian wilderness areas to experience exceptional wildlife and birding tours with the ambience of campfire dining. Visit spectacular landscapes, majestic alpine mountains to remote pristine beaches


Sensational Nature - view Tasmania's wildlife, birds and forests when visiting Mt William & Ben Lomond National Parks - with the Quoll Patrol and Canopy Capers tours


Pepper Bush Adventures combine two of Australia's most remarkable wildlife safaris, the Quoll Patrol and Canopy Capers experiences for a spectacular two day Tasmanian wildlife tour

Bushie's Wildlife Collection

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Canopy Capers

Tasmanian nocturnal tour - Experience the ambience of campfire dining with the charm and enchantment of the forest as nocturnal creatures appear from the bushes and trees to forage for their nightly meal.