Selling Tasmania to Australians….

Camp fire meals, kangaroos and spectacular landscapes….

Pepper Bush Adventures desperately wants a return to pre-Covid, the ‘old normal’ but even if possible, that would be a health disaster for Australia at this time. The outlook for the tourism sector remains highly uncertain with any sort of recovery only possible when international tourism returns and people start coming to Tasmania from the mainland again. But this crisis is an opportunity to rethink tourism for Pepper Bush Adventures’ immediate future. There is a real opening to keep valuable tourism dollars in Tasmania or Australia, by offering a remarkable outdoor experience and showcasing the many wonderful natural assets that exist in our own backyard.

Private group tours for 4 to 12 people (or more) – Pepper Bush Adventures understands that products which appeal to their international markets may not always fascinate the Tasmanian or Australian traveller. We also realise that Australians are more likely to self-drive holiday here when coming to Tasmania and are less likely than the international traveller to book a tour. However, we do know that many Australians love the outdoors and sitting by a camp fire enjoying a meal with Tassie beer or wine. And what better lunch or dinner companions than a mob of Tasmanian forester kangaroos. The Pepper Bush team have taken the food and wine on the road, and combined with spectacular Tasmanian landscape and a camp fire dining experience with the Pepper Bush kangaroos, makes for a memorable and relaxing day or evening.

The possibility of selling our outdoor gatherings to Australians may appear to be a sound plan, but thus far, it has been problematic to execute on a regular basis. Although Pepper Bush has received excellent feedback from recent domestic market tours, there has been a widespread barrier on the perceived dollar value which many Australians put on a nature experience like what Pepper Bush Adventures offers. But, we will keep trying to promote the experiences and memories that can be made with Pepper Bush Adventures’ when coming to Tasmania and the beautiful North East.

In March and April of 2021, Pepper Bush Adventures and the kangaroo team had the pleasure of hosting two corporate groups at the camp fire, one for lunch and the other as a afternoon/evening nocturnal experience. See the below slideshow videos of how each group experienced their outing.

The first video shows a Forico Pty Ltd corporate team luncheon for nineteen people, from set-up, their arrival and how the day unfolded. The second video shows a fully guided day-out based on the Quoll Patrol tour and customised into a team building event for 10 people from Private Forests Tasmania.