Out of the Bush and into the Brush…

Life as we knew it has changed. The past year of the global pandemic has driven dramatic shifts in our lives and with no clear end in sight, it can be difficult to adjust to this ‘new normal’. With the business activities of Pepper Bush Adventures almost stalled due to the closure of the Australian borders, our wildlife specialist, Craig Williams, after a hiatus of ten years, has brushed off the art easel, and unpacked his thick paint-embossed palette, paint tubes and brushes to put his creative talents to work.

Craig Williams – Wildlife guide’s switch to impressionist artist

Known as Bushie in the international nature-based tourism world, Craig Williams paints and signs off under the nickname of Ned, a name which he has worn since childhood. At ease in his checked flannel bush shirt, Craig has cleared space in the tour gear storage room to create an art studio to work from. Over twenty years ago, Craig developed a painting technique with fascinating results for oil on glass which at times produces a 3D effect.

Craig has adopted the palette knife style of painting which gives the ability to gently layer paint without mixing or changing colour whilst maintaining the deep creaminess and true characteristics of the paint. Craig makes use of the palette knives to create both the illusion of texture and texture itself. His paintings are bold, busy and earthy.

Is oil really the best medium for the job when painting on glass? To put it simply, no, but Craig has found a way to make it work with his impressionistic signature style of painting. Using oil, he paints on both sides of the glass with inspiration coming from the landscape and waterways he loves around north east Tasmania.

Some of Craig’s artwork will be on display at the Scottsdale Art Gallery Cafe from 9th June 2021 to 30th July 2021 as part of their annual Gestalt Exhibition.

Craig’s artwork can be viewed on the Pepper Bush Adventures website menu – Artwork – Portfolio

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