Unique Tasmanian Wilderness Tour & Birding In Tassie’s North East

This 2-day Tasmania Wild Tour, Australia is available on request and will allow you to explore the region’s highlands – come and enjoy our wildlife and birdwatching tours in Tasmania. We visit alpine craggy mountain peaks and enchanting rainforests. And also includes one of Australia’s best nocturnal wildlife experiences. We meet some of Tasmania’s bush characters with the ambiance of campfire dining on our twilight wildlife tour.

Our Quoll Tasmania Wild Tour is set in the middle of open farmland which has been transformed into a wildlife reserve. It’s a place of peace and tranquillity as you sit by the campfire with the forester kangaroos as your company.

As darkness falls, the campfire space is a place where wildlife politics can take a feisty turn. The pademelons and brushtail possums display some intriguing traits and can be entertaining. Then we also have the eastern quolls, wombats, and wallabies that graze close by during this Tasmania Wild Tour.

In this Tasmania Wild Tour, the forests are full of ferns, streams, waterfalls, and towering myrtles. We go off the beaten track to see the regions spectacular geology, forests, and landscapes. We visit the Mt Victoria Forest and St Columba Falls State Forests, the Weldborough Pass Forest Reserve, and then the Mt Paris Dam wall.

The region’s waterfalls include Ralphs Falls, a single drop waterfall and one of Tasmania’s highest. Then there is St Columba Falls, a tiered waterfall cascading over giant boulders. And of course, each forest reserve offers short walk options. You can stroll through forests of tree ferns, mosses, lichens, sassafras, myrtles, and towering eucalypts during this Tasmania Wild Tour.

On this Tasmania Wild Tour, as we travel the backroads we are always on the look out for amazing roadside finds. The monotreme double, the platypus, and the echidna are always exciting sightings. In addition, reptiles can be found on the warmer days and there is also plenty of birdlife.

Your accommodation is Beulah Heritage Accommodation in Scottsdale. This boutique bed and breakfast has two queen as well as one twin king single ensuited rooms. The room makeups allows us to accommodate up to six passengers on tour by using two 4WD vehicles and guides in this Tasmania Wild Tour.

The wildlife and birdwatching tours in Tasmania can be a short-break, fully guided tour away from a longer self-drive tour of Tassie. Or maybe a quick visit from mainland Australia to fly in and then fly out for the Pepper Bush Adventure experience. We are happy to provide or arrange pre and post tour transfers from and to the Launceston Airport or Launceston city.

Wild Tasmania Tour Highlights: 

  • Fantastic landscape and wildlife photographic opportunities
  • Ben Lomond National Park’s spectacular alpine landscape and views
  • After dark wildlife tour with campfire dinner with the kangaroos
  • We walk amongst the forests full of ferns, streams, waterfalls, and also towering trees trees
  • Private charter tour which leads to flexibility with program options

Book with us and you are sure to see some of the best wildlife and birdwatching locations Tasmania has to offer.