I did two days! Craig and Janine Williams are superior home-grown Tassie’s with heart and a vast knowledge of the trees, birds, animals, sights, wines and scenic hikes.

It’s a joy being in Craig’s presence. As we drove he constantly pointed out trees, explained the history of the landscape, the culture, as well as sighted animals and stopped so we could photograph them. Because of Craig, we saw and enjoyed and photographed many animals in the wild; platypus (which is very rare to see in it’s natural habitat), quolls, wallabies, and wombats. Wonderful.

Craig is an informative entertainment centre by himself. If you’re into birds, he’ll help you find them. Want to fish? He’ll show you where you can catch them. Want to see Tasmanian devils and pet kangaroos and hold a wombat; he’ll take you to a sanctuary. Want to explore wine country? He’ll take you. These are full and intimate tours (I did it with my brother).

At the end of the day, Craig took us out to his cabin in the wilderness and cooked us a meal, wallaby burgers, Tasmanian salmon and local wines and some beer and salads, all Tassie food.

I can’t say enough about Craig and Janine. If you want to learn the most you can about the beauty of Tassie, enjoy the animals, and learn about the people and this wonderful place, THIS IS WHERE YOU GO! When I was done, I hope we left as friends. This is a journey not a tour. And this trip has fun and soul. You will get everything you want and more!

You want to see Tassie, these are the people. You also get put up at the Beulah B&B in Scottsdale which is excellent with full breakfasts of homemade jams and great Tassie home cooking by wonderful and engaging owners. Have fun!!!! Do it!