The Quoll Patrol Venue

We are fortunate to have access to an amazing property to conduct our Quoll Patrol experience. Our international visitors are in awe of the wide-open spaces and the spectacular backdrop of the magnificent Ben Lomond alpine plateau which they are presented with on their arrival to the property.

Positioned in the centre of a large field which was once farm grazing land is a rustic cabin which is the base of the Quoll Patrol wildife experience. Complete with campfire and outdoor seating, our clients enjoy the crackling ambience of a campfire dinner while waiting for the sun to set to meet the wonderful characters who are residents of this special place. Situated on a wildlife habitat and feeding strip we meet eastern quolls, Bennett’s wallaby, pademelon, forester kangaroos and brush-tail possums who stop by to say hello.

We often refer to the Quoll Patrol venue as the Tyne Valley wildife viewing venue or Bushies Backyard. No matter what we call it, it remains as one of Australia’s most awesome nature experiences. The property is locked to provide a sanctuary for the multitude of wildlife species along with a exclusive and private experience for our clients.

The Quoll Patrol venue is owned by the forest management company, Forico. The management of Pepper Bush is currently completing documentation to finalise the leasing arrangements so that many more visitors can enjoy the Quoll Patrol experience in to the future. One the leasing process is completed we will be happy to say the Forico is Pepper Bush Adventures biggest supporter which we are very grateful for. See the Forico company profile below.

About Forico

Company Profile from Forico’s Website – As Tasmania’s largest private forestry management company, Forico Pty Limited represents the transition into a new era of plantation forestry in Tasmania.

Forico’s forest management team are strongly focused on supply chain management in an environment prioritising people and environmental performance. Forico’s management team have a depth of experience rarely equalled in today’s natural resource sector, in some individual instances over 40 years.

Our management program focuses on optimising growth in our tree crops whilst minimising impact on our natural values and communities in which we operate. Forico invests in globally competitive tree breeding science to deliver customers with premium forest products and maintain Australia’s competitive edge in a global market.

Forico’s strong environmental credentials are supported by its forest management policies, including strict non conversion of natural vegetation and investment in the forest certification schemes: The Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) and Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®).

Forico is committed to replanting every tree harvested on freehold land and offers a range of extension support for third party forest owners.