Reviews – Pepper Bush Adventures 2019-2020….

The team at Pepper Bush Adventures are always pleased when clients take time to post a review. We have compiled and posted below, all reviews that can be viewed on TripAdvisor from July 2019 to April 2020, prior to Covid forcing closure of international borders. Once again Bushie and Ben did their upmost to supply excellent Tasmanian experiences. Most reviews are based on the Quoll Patrol day or multi-day experience…but there are other tours on offer. These travellers booked their Pepper Bush experience through a number of valued international supplying travel agents, Australian inbound travel agents and directly to Pepper Bush Adventures.

Reviewed by Island Sue – 10 Apr 2020 – A fantastic wildlife experience 5*****
The 2 days we spent with Craig was the highlight for us of a month travelling around Tasmania and a fantastic opportunity to see wildlife, especially the nocturnal creatures you don’t usually get to meet. Craig has a wealth of knowledge and experience of living in the bush, so we learned a lot about the flora and fauna of the north-east part of Tasmania and saw platypus on several occasions, along with wallabies, echidnas , kangaroos and, pademelons during the day. The Canopy Capers and Quoll Patrol experiences are both amazing. After a great meal in the open air, we watched as the wildlife drew near at dusk – possums, quolls, wombats. It’s an incredible, magical experience, I can’t recommend enough.
(Sue and Peter from the UK booked directly with Pepper Bush)

Reviewed by D H – 31 Mar 2020 – A great wildlife experience 5***** 
A great day with Bushy seeing visiting Ben Lomond, learning so much about the flora and fauna of Tasmania, topped off by a delicious bush meal, sharing the site with possums, quolls, wombats and more
(David & Jane booked via Tasmanian Odyssey UK)

Reviewed by lauraross2015 – 24 Mar 2020 – A Wonderful Backwoods Experience with Bushy 5*****
The Ben Lomond and Quoll Patrol adventure was fantastic. We drove up Jacob’s ladder at Ben Lomond and Bushy took us into the forest for exploring. Dinner at the cabin and the night adventure with the Kangaroos, Wallabies, Paddymelons and Quolls was a highlight. You can’t believe the wildlife here.
(Laura and Donald booked via Trufflepig Travel USA and The Tailor AU)

Reviewed by 418sallyg – 11 Mar 2020 – Marvellous 5*****
Some good walks and opportunity for wildlife viewing. The evening barbecue with kangaroos, wallabies and quolls was magical. A very good insight into local life – the farming and cheese making. Fabulous scenery all around.
(Sally & Gerald from USA booked via Downunder Destinations AU)

Reviewed by LondonWelshboyo – 7 Feb 2020 – Amazing 5*****
We had a 1-day tour with Craig, and it was truly amazing. Started with a sighting of a platypus and then an echidna. A great scenic drive up Ben Lomond via Jacob’s ladder and then sightings of some iconic wildlife including wombats, quolls, tawny frogmouths and wallaby’s and kangaroos. The bush supper with quality wines was a great success. We loved the whole experience.
(Peter & Mary booked via Audley Travel UK)

Reviewed by LafayetteJohn – Feb 2020 – Outstanding bush experience, some of the best wildlife viewing in Tasmania 5*****
We thought we had already had some amazing wildlife experiences in Tasmania, but Ben’s Quoll Patrol with us was truly over the top. Lots of wildlife, including a number of elusive quolls. You have to see it all to believe it! Kangaroos, wallabies, pademelons, bushy-tailed opossums, eastern quolls, short-snouted echidna, come to mind. Meeting his mob of kangaroos is an experience not to be missed. And on top of it all, Ben cooked us an excellent meal out there in the bush. All in all, a very memorable experience.
(Maureen & John, Kristie Salinger & Diana booked via Audley Travel USA)

Reviewed by Peter B – 26 Jan 2020 – Outstanding experience in the Tasmanian bush 5*****
We spent 9 hours with Craig who took us to the Ben Lomond National Park and its surroundings, watching for a wide variety of Tasmanian wildlife. This ended with an excellent and copious dinner he cooked around a fire in the open surrounded by Kangaroos, Wallabies, Wombats, Pademelon, Possums….and even sighting a platypus and a quoll. We are amazed by the extent of Craig’s knowledge of the bush, its flora and fauna and his ability to communicate his passion for them to us. He enabled us to experience at first hand many examples of the plants and animals unique to Tasmania. An amazing and unforgettable experience.
(Peter & Patricia booked via Audley Travel UK)

Reviewed by Zinguini – 20 Jan 2020 – Excellent! 5*****
Tasmania was our last stop on our 2-week Australian trip and we were really looking forward to our 2 days in Tasmania since we had booked this trip over a year before. We were picked up at the airport by Janine who drove us to Scottsdale to drop us at the Bed and Breakfast where we met our guide Ben. Janine was so wonderful at providing us a lot of information about Tasmania and Australia right from the start. Our 2 days with Ben were absolutely amazing. From platypus sightings to beautiful vistas to some special areas of Tasmania that Ben’s Dad had found during his explorations. I loved how we were able to be left to explore a bit on our own in a secluded area where we got to enjoy wallabies scurrying about on our first day and a beach walk on our last. We had our lunches in some unique spots, but the highlight was the “campfire” dinner! Unfortunately, we came when fires were prohibited but that did not take away at all from this experience. Ben is an absolutely amazing cook and we enjoyed some wonderful Tasmanian wine and beers with the salmon and wallaby meatballs. But the main event was that we were the guests of the kangaroos, possums, quolls, pademelons, wombats as well as the wallabies and the Cape Barren Geese that all come out when the sun is lying low. We could not get enough of just sitting and observing these unique animals. On our way back to the B and B we stopped to take advantage of clear dark sky to see the southern cross, Magellanic Clouds and the Milky Way in the upside-down sky to us northern hemisphere people. We will never forget our 2 days in Tasmania! We are thankful to Ben as he is extremely knowledgeable, and we appreciated his ability to share in our joy of exploring his special home.
(Claudia, Daniel Capurro, Ariella booked via Audley Travel USA)

Reviewed by charleneanderson71 – 11 Jan 2020 – A great two days with Pepperbush Tours in Tasmania with Ben as our Guide! 5*****
If I could give ten stars to rate our two days spent with Pepperbush Adventures in Tasmania with Ben as our guide I would definitely do so. Tasmania was beautiful! Ben, along with his dad Craig and his Mom make a great team. Ben knew everything about the animals, the forest, plants, trees, and the history of Tasmania. We ate by the fire in a big field surrounded by 16 kangaroos, that love for you to scratch their neck, with Wallaby’s and other Tasmanian critters all around us. We ate Wallaby burgers which he cooked, and they were yummy. The stories he told about their land and the places he took us were just incredible. We also requested hiking through the area which we did lots of. All in all, it was a great two days!
(Charlene & Ron booked via Down Under Endeavours USA)

Reviewed by 709richardk – 8 Jan 2020 – A great wine tour 5*****
Craig was a really knowledgeable guide who took us to a range of different vineyards. Was able to talk about all things Tasmanian. He also mentioned about the wildlife tours – we would have done this if we had known earlier.
(Richard & Lorraine booked via Abercrombie & Kent UK)

Reviewed by Kate S – 3 Sep 2019 – A highlight 5*****
The tour we did was called Quoll patrol. No quolls except at the sanctuary but that is literally the only negative thing I can say. Our guide was Ben. I think Craig, the father, does more of the tours but Ben was so incredibly knowledgeable. I wish I could have done a bird walk with him. He knows so much and is a great resource for tourists. Our Quoll patrol started in Launceston and went to Trowunna. There we saw a Tasmanian devil, wombat and various birds up close. I thought the wombat was too adorable for words. Rosalee could be the mascot for any team and win all the hearts. We saw echidna butt as well- very much a highlight. We then went to the B&B for a couple of hours. At night we had a cheese plate, a little fun conversation and saw padymelons and possums scampering around. Good fun watching them frolic. The next day, we saw a platypus (just the weirdest beast) and went on a long ride to Ben Lomond. It was so scenic; I have one of my best photos ever from there! Then we had dinner with the roos! The roos are habituated, even friendly. Wombats waddled in the meadow, wallabies’ sort of popped in and out and then there were possums. Many, many possums. The ugly American possums just can’t hold a candle to these cute furry guys. Did we love it- yes, we loved it! This was really and truly a highlight of our trip. Was it expensive? I thought so but I would recommend it to friends without hesitation. I am not usually a fan of touristed up animal interactions, but these are responsibly done as best as I can tell. This tour is a great way to see animals and landscape of Tasmania.
(Kate and family booked via Down Under Endeavours USA)

Reviewed by richarjp – 20 Aug 2019 – Excellent adventure! 5*****
From seeing platypuses in their natural environment to petting friendly kangaroos, Pepper Bush Adventures has something for everyone who loves Australian wildlife. My parents and grandfather primarily toured with Craig, while my sister and I primarily toured with Ben. Both were excellent. We learned a lot about the bush and the creatures that call it home
(Jane and family booked via Down Under Endeavours USA)