Nature Tours Tasmania; Keeping the Campfires Burning to Welcome Back Travellers…..

Here we are, five months into a global pandemic. Like many businesses around the world, due to the health implications, travel restrictions and border closures, Pepper Bush had its customer supply severed on the 21st March 2020. Many international clients are now unable to travel and have cancelled holiday plans which has left us with a long list of cancellations. We have been working with our supplying travel agents to reschedule as many nature, wildlife, food & wine tours as possible to 2021 and 2022. In reality we don’t really know if it will be safe to travel next year or the next, but we will continue to be hopeful and reschedule the tours as they become closer.

Operations Update – As the COVID-19 virus rampages around the world, many businesses have already been forced to close and may never recover and more businesses will close in the future. Although Pepper Bush is currently a company without customers, we are fortunate to have had some funds in reserve to kick on for a bit longer. All insurances, licences and permits have been renewed for 2020-2021. Tour vehicles continue to have their scheduled services and inspections and all transport accreditation obligations are being met. It is almost like an unfortunate case of ‘we are open but you can’t come in’.

Maintenance – Since the Tasmanian and Australian two month lockdown of April and May, Bushie, Ben and Janine have been keeping busy. The Quoll Patrol venue verandah has been replaced. Weekly clean-up and maintenance is ongoing and lots of other smaller jobs continue to be completed with much more to do. If we are able to continue our wildlife tours into the future, we are confident that the work we are doing on the venue and with the wildlife will create an improved experience.

YouTube – Janine is putting together a catalogue of video content for Pepper Bush’s two YouTube Channels. The YouTube channels have been added to our website main menu and will continue to be updated. We hope that the videos will help potential clients decide to tour with us once the virus has a solution and borders are reopened. We offer a diverse range of nature tours around Tasmania. See our YouTube Pepper Bush Product Channel and the Pepper Bush Team Vlog Channel.

Wildlife & Nature Tours Tasmania – The stars of the Pepper Bush operations have to be our wonderful furry and feathered friends. With no customers, Bushie, Ben and Janine continue to visit the wildlife so that they remain interactive at our venues. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it…hahaha. We are very much enjoying having the time to do what many of our clients have enjoyed doing for the past 20+ years.

The kangaroos continue to multiply with over ten joeys in pouches at present. Honk and Harry, our Cape Barren geese, have a nest full of eggs so we are hopeful of chicks in a few weeks. The pademelons, brush-tail possums and eastern quolls are there after sunset and the wombats and Bennett’s wallabies continue to graze close by.

Product Review – We have reviewed our product catalogue and realise that there may be need for changes. The vineyards have not reopened in the same format as they operated pre-covid. If this remains, we will have need to omit some of our vineyard tours from our tour catalogue. Janine has conferenced with Bushie and Ben about the realisation that there is currently no birding or birdwatching tours departing northern Tasmania.  Ben is a keen birder and as both Ben and Bushie have incorporated birdwatching into our wildlife tours so we are excited about offering one, two and three day specialist birding experiences.

Coming Soon – Janine will be working on updating the website featuring our new birding tours which will very nicely compliment our wildlife tours. Vineyard tours will remain in the background with a caution note, and will not be a focus. Video and photographic sessions with Bushie and Ben will be on-going to gather a catalogue of content for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube to help relaunch Pepper Bush Adventures once it is safe for international travel to resume and for the borders to be opened.

Round-up – Pepper Bush Adventures is currently a company without customers. We are fortunate to have had some funds in reserve to be able to meet all operational financial obligations for the coming twelve months. Operations and product review and refinement is ongoing and we are enthusiastic about what we will be offering post COVID-19. Bushie, Ben & Janine remain committed to introduce travellers to their pocket of north east Tasmania in Bushie’s Backyard. We will endeavour in keeping the campfires burning, until the world once again opens up.

Pepper Bush Adventures will be operating under a COVID Plan and our private touring policy will remain in place. Customer and employee safety will be paramount. We will be doing our best to be ready for the time when “we are open and you can come in”. Team Pepper Bush hopes to see you soon.

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