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Keeping the Campfires Burning

Ambience of a Campfire

COVID-19 Pepper Bush Operations Update…… Keeping the Campfires Burning to Welcome Back Travellers….. Here we are, five months in to a global pandemic. Like many businesses around the world, due to the health implications, travel restrictions and border closures, Pepper Bush had its customer supply severed on the 21st March 2020. Many international clients are […]

Our Quoll Patrol Venue

Pepper Bush Adventures Tyne Valley Wildife Viewing Venue

The Quoll Patrol Venue We are fortunate to have access to an amazing property to conduct our Quoll Patrol experience. Our international visitors are in awe of the wide-open spaces and the spectacular backdrop of the magnificent Ben Lomond alpine plateau which they are presented with on their arrival to the property. Positioned in the […]

Tasmanian Tours for the International Visitor

Pepper Bush attends ATE 2016 Tasmanian tours and spectacular Tasmanian wildlife viewing were the topics in spreading the word about the Tasmanian tour products of Pepper Bush Adventures – Craig and Janine represented Pepper Bush Adventures at the Australian Tourism Exchange on the Gold Coast recently. Presentations including the unique and exclusive Quoll Patrol and […]