Tasmanian birding tours powered by local knowledge

Birdwatching is a major component of wildlife tourism and is one of the most rapidly growing pastimes in the Western world. It’s also one of the most sustainable types of nature-based tourism and Pepper Bush Adventures is pleased to be a part of it in offering northeast Tasmanian birding tours.

Birdwatching helps us connect with nature and is great for physical and mental health. With their vocalisations, plumage and antics, birds lure us to learn about them and their habitats. If you start birdwatching, you will have a better understanding of nature.

Specialty birding tours in northeast Tasmania

Pepper Bush guides, Bushie and Ben, know that when pursuing a special interest market, knowledge of local dynamics is paramount in producing a successful product. To be fully informed about the local birds requires an awareness of the species and their habitats. And if Bushie and Ben were going to do this, it was going to be done incorporating best practices. They wanted to offer minimal impact birdwatching focusing on the welfare of the birds and keep disturbance to a minimum.

Local Knowledge is the human capital of a region’s assets

Local knowledge is a valuable and an untapped resource. Real locals with knowledge are hidden gems, they can be a walking, talking encyclopaedia. Leveraging local knowledge to better understand the regions birdlife was a logical undertaking for Bushie and Ben. And northeast Tasmania is fortunate to have one of Tasmania’s best birding enthusiasts residing within the community.

Local birder, Peter Duckworth lives at Bridport with his wife, Pat. Peter was given an interest in birds by his mother at an early age which continued throughout his life, while he worked for Forestry Tasmania for many years and into retirement. One of his significant contributions to the conservation of birds in Australia was involvement in the field atlases. The Birdlife Australia Atlas is an extraordinary data resource that can be used for a wide range of applications. Peter organised Forestry Tasmania personnel to undertake valuable Atlas surveys state-wide. Peter has given many presentations to schools and community groups over many decades. Indeed, Peter and Pat Duckworth are a treasure trove of local wisdom on the region’s birds.

Tasmanian Birdwatching tours built from local knowledge

We approached Peter Duckworth to work with and mentor Ben. Peter’s knowledge is derived from many years of experience studying local bird movements which have evolved with environment changes. We were fortunate that Peter was willing to offer his time and experience, with Ben enjoying numerous informative field trips with him.

Pepper Bush guide, Ben Williams, under Peter’s guidance has developed some exceptional birding skills to share with birdwatching visitors to the area. Bushie and Ben have access to a diverse range of birding habitats which produce a large range of bird species. Pepper Bush Adventures offer day and multiday birding tours in northeast Tasmania.

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