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Overview – Northeast Tasmania is a region of incredible natural beauty and diversity that can produce spectacular attractions. Whether you’re exploring its pristine beaches, lush rainforests, rolling farmlands, or dramatic alpine areas, each landscape offers unique charm and adventure opportunities. Plan your trip to experience the attractions of Northeast Tasmania and discover Tasmania tours with Pepper Bush Adventures.

What to see The region provides a haven for wildlife and plant species and offers numerous recreational opportunities for nature lovers and adventurers. Whether travelling scenic backroads, enjoying the tranquillity of alpine meadows, or discovering the geological wonders, visitors to northeast Tasmania can experience this remarkable region’s raw and unspoiled beauty.

Northeast Tasmania Tours Pepper Bush Adventures’ tours visit the region’s mountains and all the way to the coast. Pepper Bush guides travel winding country roads, backroads, and scenic byways, which offer beautiful drives through the countryside that are perfect for exploring. See rural landscapes transition into forested areas, with native eucalyptus and acacia trees providing habitat for local wildlife.


Ben Lomond National Park – Pepper Bush Adventures’ tours often include visits to Ben Lomond National Park. This spectacular mountain offers a fantastic and diverse alpine landscape characterised by its high plateau, rugged peaks, dramatic cliffs, and unique flora and fauna. Whether covered in snow during winter or blooming with wildflowers in summer, the park provides stunning scenery and a range of outdoor interests for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

Mount William National Park is a treasure trove of natural beauty, featuring pristine beaches, rocky headlands, and coastal heathlands. The park’s varied landscapes provide a wide range of flora and fauna habitats, making it a prime destination for nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, and outdoor adventurers. Whether exploring the rugged coastline or observing the local birds and wildlife, visitors can experience Tasmania’s northeast’s unspoiled charm and ecological diversity.

Highlands & Forests – The northeast Tasmanian highlands offer a striking, landscape with rugged terrain and unique geological features. This region combines natural beauty with a rich array of flora and fauna, providing wonder and exploration opportunities. The highlands are home to a variety of forests, including eucalyptus forests and temperate rainforests; some areas feature ancient trees and provide essential habitats for wildlife. On the Waterfalls and Rainforest tour, Pepper Bush Adventures includes visits to Mt Victoria Forest Reserve and St Columba Forest Reserve.

Wildlife Tours – Pepper Bush Adventures operates wildlife tours from two exclusive and private venues in northeast Tasmania. The Canopy Capers and Quoll Patrol tours provide exceptional Tasmanian animal experiences with campfire dinners and nocturnal wildlife viewing. See unique wildlife behaviours and enjoy the thrill and magic of the night. The venues have visits from after dark creatures like Tasmanian pademelons, brush-tail possums, eastern quolls, wombats, and Bennett’s wallabies. The beautiful forester kangaroos and the quirky Tasmanian native hens can be seen in daylight hours on the Quoll Patrol tour.